The experience of a lifetime

With Equine Therapy

We provide equine-assisted therapy to people with and without disabilities, regardless of the ability to pay.

Therapeutic Riding of Tuscaloosa, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 charity.

We are certain that everyone can achieve if they just believe.

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Horses have been used in therapy for centuries. The ancient Greeks even used them for people who had incurable illnesses. Its earliest recorded mention is in the writings of Hippocrates, around 460 B.C., who discussed the therapeutic value of riding.

Equine-assisted therapy is a treatment involving equine activities for the growth of those who have cognitive or physical challenges. There are several different types of both physical and mental therapies that can be used to help stimulate growth and learning.

What People Say

"We have seen Todd grow in so many ways. He is more social and outgoing. That may sound small, but to the parents of an autistic child, it’s nothing short of a miracle.”
"She is reaching for objects now and says several words. She has other therapies, too, but we see more progress after each TROT session than we do after any of her other therapies. I think it is because she has so much fun at the barn that it doesn’t seem like therapy – so she does more – thinking she is just riding a horse and playing games on horseback."
"Brittany's confidence has skyrocketed, and she is making new friends. All due to what she learned at TROT."

You Make The Difference

As a 501(c)3 charity, we rely on loving people like you to help us help others.


We are grateful for anything you can provide. Whether it’s a monetary donation, water for our riders and volunteers, a therapy horse, or food for events, we welcome any kind of donation!

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