Volunteer Testimonials

Our volunteers are what keep our organization going, and they have so much fun with our programs.

TROT volunteers build truly special relationships with our clients and our animals.

Find out what volunteers have said about their experience!

“It became so much more for me”

“I started volunteering at TROT because I wanted to go to Vet school and knew this would look good on applications. However, it became so much more for me.

I love spending time with the kiddos and helping them out just as much as I love spending time with the horses!

It’s so cool to see the progress made with the kiddos that consistently come to lessons. I’ve seen such progress with the kids that were coming when I started volunteering 3 years ago, to now!

TROT is also a nice getaway from the craziness of college.

– Sydney Spears

“It helps me to do something greater than myself”

I volunteer at TROT because not only does this allow me to be around the animals I love the most, but it helps me to interact and do something greater than myself.

My favorite thing about TROT is feeding with Allie on Thursday afternoons. I also love seeing Thunder who is my favorite horse at the barn! And let’s not forget about the baby goats!

– Mary George

“My favorite thing about working at TROT is the mornings at the barn”

“I started at TROT because I was a horseback instructor for girls ages 8-15 at a summer camp, and I wanted to continue working with kids and horses.

My favorite thing about working at TROT is the mornings at the barn. It’s usually just me and all the animals, and I love to start off my week by getting everything ready for the lessons that day!”

– Carlisle Washburn

“It has made such a difference in my life”

“I volunteer at TROT. It has made such a difference in my life.

I suffer from depression sometimes, and my doctor told me to stop being self-focused and get out and help others.

It was hard at first. They are really particular about the way things are done. But pretty soon, I realized I had begun to reach out and make the beginnings of friendships with some of the other volunteers. And I realized that after I did something for someone else I really did feel better about myself.

Then I met this little girl and she really affected my attitude toward life. I would watch her hop out of the car, pink ribbons on her pigtails, and listen to her pony call to her from the barn. This little girl would giggle and come pet her pony, then she would groom her, saddle her and ride with very little help from any of us.

Her mom said that when they were at the barn was the only time she saw her daughter laugh.

One week she didn’t come. The staff told me she had succumbed to the cancer that had plagued her since she was two. We all cried together, and then we had a vigil for our little warrior who only laughed when she was riding her pony.

Now I know that life must be cherished – no day is promised to us. So we make the most of each day we have.

– TROT Volunteer