University Opportunities

At TROT, we are always looking for help. But we don’t only need volunteers for sidewalking, feeding, and barn chores.

We have had students from the University of Alabama and other schools help in many other ways! Whether it has been for a class project or for gaining experience, students have done projects with us and have helped us through various creative avenues.

What are you interested in? Finance, marketing, grant writing, social media, communications, education, journalism, film, or something else? You may be able to fulfill a need for us through your own strengths and interests; a win-win for everybody!

Examples of what students and others have volunteered for us:

  • Social media
  • Website design
  • Promo videos
  • Grant writing
  • Financial advice
  • News stories
  • Graphic design


Do you have an idea of what kind of service you could provide us with while also gaining unique experience for yourself? Please reach out, and we can discuss this. The only thing we ask is for committed individuals who will hold up their end of the deal and be responsible.

Please visit our contact page to reach out about any ideas you have!


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