There is a crisis in Alabama. There are approximately 6000 children in foster care in Alabama. Approximately 300 are available for adoption and are awaiting loving homes. 
Foster and adopted kids are FOUR TIMES as likely to ATTEMPT SUICIDE than other kids. Over 40% are likely  to become engaged in violence or be arrested. 
We must do something to  change this. 
Many of the families who take in foster kids are not insured and can’t afford mental health care. Medicaid does not cover most programs aimed specifically at foster and adopted kids. The State system is overwhelmed and does not h e enough programs to care for these kids needs. 
STABLE MOMENTS at TROT is designed to help these kids deal with the feelings of loss and the trauma associated with being removed from parents and placed in a system where there is no stability……no guarantee that you will be in the same home, the same school next week,or even tomorrow. Designed  by a social worker, based on evidence based practices,  and implemented by a psychologist, the STABLE MOMENTS program at TROT helps these kids with the turmoil they are experiencing.
 Successful intervention lowers suicide rates, and helps prevent violent acting out. With the rise of gun violence perpetrated by troubled kids this program could make a significant impact. 
Won’t you help us help?  We need mentors to work with these kids at the TROT barn. Two hours a week for 8 months to help one of these kids. That’s it.
No experience necessary. We will train volunteer mentors. Or if folks can’t volunteer time could they please consider funding a scholarship for one of these of children. $50 a week, $7 a day. That’s less than a meal  at your favorite restaurant