Saddle Pals

The Saddle Pals Program is designed for children with physical, cognitive, or emotional disabilities and special circumstances. Through this program, we teach life skills, coping skills, and adaptive skills to individuals and families with life challenges.

We have seen countless improvements in our young Saddle Pals students.

Some are now able to speak where they did not before the program. Some have improved control with trust issues. All have better self-esteem.

Children participate in weekly riding lessons. After goals are reached in individual sessions, children are placed in inclusive groups and work on group interaction skills. We tailor the program specific to your child’s needs with the help of our registered Clinical Psychologist.

We serve several individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and work with them to learn ways they can communicate effectively.

We encourage the development of language skills in our mentally challenged population and have seen amazing results as they talk first to their horses and then to their families.

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