Pepe’s Story

Panama Pepe is a 35-year-old American Paint Horse.

She competed as a timed event horse with our program Director, Melanie Williams, for several years during Junior High and High School. A winner in Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Stakes Race, and Arena race, the two competed at the AOHA Horse Show for several years.

Then, Pepe went on to teach seven other children how to ride these competitive events, taking each to the State Horse Show before her eventual retirement from the show ring. 

She worked as a therapy horse, teaching young riders how to correctly sit the faster gaits while carefully making sure each of them was steady in the saddle.

Her specialty is moving up under the rider so that even if the rider becomes off-centered, Pepe is there to correct the problem and get them balanced again.

She now teaches only the smaller children as she is becoming fragile and has a weight limit of what she can safely carry. But, she continues to call to children as they arrive at TROT, begging for treats and pets.  

Due to her advanced age Pepe requires several supplements in addition to feed to keep her healthy.