Meet Our TROT Horses

Rescue horses rescue people.

We have utilized many recovered rescue horses who have, with loving care and appropriate feed, joined our staff of equine therapists.

Many of these horses thrive with just a bit of love. They have grown to love our riders and work hard.

Horses are some of the most popular animals to use in animal-assisted therapy because they are in tune to people’s emotions and tend to give immediate feedback on actions by the rider or handler. They have a unique way of being able to mirror the emotions and feelings of the person in a way that allows people to see themselves as they are. Research shows that a person’s brain structure and function actually change after a course of equine-assisted psychotherapy.

The large size of a horse, coupled with the ability for someone in therapy to learn to handle and work with such a big, intimidating animal, gives confidence to those in therapy.

Just as rescue horses rescue people, people often end up rescuing these horses who have gone through tremendous difficulties in some cases. They often experience trust issues themselves, and by working with people who truly care for them, they heal over time, just as our people do.

Meet our amazing horses and learn their stories!