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Double D Trailers

“Therapeutic Riding of Tuscaloosa – Cottondale, Alabama:

A Force for Good in the Alabama Community”

ABC 33/40 

“Therapy horses help children with special needs in Tuscaloosa County”

Tuscaloosa News

“Therapeutic Riding of Tuscaloosa, a nonprofit group, uses horse riding as therapy”

Tuscaloosa News

“Motorcycle ride to raise money for charity”

TROT In the media

Melanie Williams, instructor and program director, right, reaches her hands over her head as she instructs Nathan Jacobs, 9, to do the same while he grips a pool noodle in order to strengthen his core, while his dad, Wes Jacobs, and volunteer, Ryan Kinser, hold his legs as Christy Fleming leads Pepe around the arena during a therapy session at Therapeutic Riding of Tuscaloosa in Cottondale, Alabama, on Friday, May 6, 2016. Staff Photo/Erin Nelson