Impeccable Self Statements

So far in this blog series on The Four Agreements, we have gone over the importance of being impeccable with your word. We have learned that it is vital to speak with truth, kindness, and understanding to ourselves and others. What we think and say to ourselves directly affects how we live.

Do you remember what we said is one of the leading causes of low self-esteem, depression and anxiety? It’s speaking badly of oneself or others! Remember, speaking badly of oneself only facilitates self-hatred. And most of the time, the unkind things we think or say about ourselves are really not true. They are only shadows of what we have been told.

So, knowing all of this now, how are you doing with your self-talk? If you are having some trouble with figuring out what good things to tell yourself, here are some suggestions:

Impeccable Self Statements

1. I am kind.

2. I am intelligent.

3. I work hard.

4. I stand up for what I believe in.

5. I am loyal.

6. I am attractive.

7. I am practical.

8. I get better at this every single day.

9. I can be goofy.

10. I have friends who love and respect me.

11. I am creative.

12. I am strong.

13. I am friendly.

14. I can be flexible.

15. I am perfect just the way I am, warts and all.

16. I am nurturing.

17. I am thoughtful.

18. I have courage.

19. I am confident.

20. I am optimistic.

21. I make my own choices.

22. I can be funny.

23. I make my dreams come true.

24. I am patient.

25. I am realistic.

26. I deserve to be loved and to love in return.

27. I am honest.

28. I am generous.

29. I am independent.

30. I can trust.

31. I can get through anything.

32. I am resilient.

33. I am self-directed.

34. Today I am a leader.

35. I am reliable.

36. I am a good listener.

37. My challenges help me grow.

38. I am organized.

39. I am focused.

40. I am courteous.

41. I am grateful.

42. I am open-minded.

43. There is no one better to be me than ME.

44. I am good enough.

45. I am an amazing person.

46. All of my problems have solutions.

47. I forgive myself for my mistakes.

48. Today is a great day.

49. I make a difference.

50. I am in charge of my life.

51. I believe in myself.

52. Good things are here.

53. I can do anything I put my mind to.

54. My positive thoughts create positive feelings.

55. I am open and ready to learn.

56. If I fall I will get back up again.

57. I deserve respect.