You Can Do It Activity

Growth Mindset Kids Learning Activity #2: You Can Do It!


We all want our children to succeed in whatever they choose to do in life. Most kids really don’t know what they want to do until they hit their twenties, sometimes thirties. But we push them through school, straight into college, and into a job, all before they really know what they want to do.

But you can help them with this huge life decision. And it really is not all that hard.

1) The first thing is to help them learn how to succeed

2) The second thing is to help them learn how to learn

3) The third thing is to expose them to the different career choices available.

Today, we are going to start them on the path of learning how to succeed.

In order to succeed, a child must believe in their own ability to succeed.

Today’s handout asks them to talk about their biggest accomplishment during the past 12 months. It asks your child to describe in writing the accomplishment, and then to decide the BEHAVIORS that helped them SUCCEED.

Help your child brainstorm and think of all the wonderful things that were accomplished this past year. Then, help them decide which one made them feel MOST SUCCESSFUL. Let them write about that accomplishment. Then, encourage them to draw a picture of themselves and how they FELT ABOUT THAT SUCCESS.