I AM Activity

Growth Mindset Kids Learning Activity #1: I AM


Did you know that in ancient Greek, the word Dei means “I AM” in English? Well, we have a little horse named Dei here at TROT. And Dei is lots of really cool things.

Here is an example of the TROT “Dei” horse. We put our hand in paint and pressed it onto the paper. Then, when it dried, we wrote “I AM” on the body of the horse, and then put all the things that describe us on the legs. You can make one of your own. Coat your hand in washable paint, then press your hand onto a sheet of paper. When it dries, write “I AM and YOUR NAME” on the body, and then write all the things you are on the horse’s legs.

Who are you?

Look at the Dei horse you made. What did you write on its legs? Now, let’s talk about how you show you are all those things.

On our horse we wrote “KIND”

How do I know I am kind?

1. I took food to someone who could not get out because of the quarantine.

2. I helped my mother by doing some chores before she got home because I knew she would be tired.

3. I called a friend and said nice things, like telling her she was smart.

We also wrote “SMART”

How do I know I am smart?

1. I figured out an assignment in my homework packet after only asking for help a couple of times.

2. I learned how to get online and use a website to help with my homework.

3. I figured out how to do some of my chores in a more efficient manner.

We also wrote “CREATIVE”

How do I know I am creative?

1. I drew this awesome horse hand!

2. I thought about ways to recycle even though we are in quarantine.

3. I wrote a really neat short story about how my family is spending time.

We also wrote “BRAVE”

How do I know I am brave?

1. I tackle new things even though I am anxious.

2. I make new friends even though I wonder if they will like me.

3. I am willing to try new things, even though I am nervous about it.

Now, YOU list all the reasons why you have the wonderful qualities you wrote on Dei!

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